3 Reasons Why People Haven’t Signed Up for Your Email Newsletter

Start an email newsletter to increase your credibility, build stronger relationships with your readers and help you establish trust. It is becoming harder to get people on your list. These are the 3 reasons people haven’t signed up for your newsletter. We can help themdubious analogies.

They are Afraid

First, subscribe to an email list and not to a marketing one. People fear that your newsletter will be used to send them promotional emails. This is why most people won’t subscribe.

It is important to make it clear that you are not trying to sell your newsletter subscribers anything. You must keep your word. They shouldn’t be asked to join your mailing list. Instead, ask them for their newsletter subscription.

You Don’t Tell Them Why They Should Give Your Email Address

Internet marketers have a tendency to offer subscribers a free gift in exchange for their subscription. However, your readers might be suspicious. Most people won’t sign up for a list if all they get is a complimentary download.

A newsletter will be subscribed to by people if it is filled with useful tips and information. Other than promotional rhetoric. You’re going to send them this information on a consistent basis. This will make your subscribers happy.

Don’t worry. Your readers may not subscribe immediately you add the opt in form to your blog. Send out another newsletter every month and remind your blog readers they’re missing some amazing information. Every time you do, more people will subscribe.

You’re Not Targeting Your Audience

It’s possible that you are not giving enough detail to your readers when telling them about your newsletter. Telling your readers you will be publishing a weekly newsletter containing tips is not enough. You can solve one problem in your newsletter just as you did with your blog content.

Let’s assume you have the dog training blog. If you have struggled to market your Dog Training newsletter, it might be time to narrow your focus. Start a newsletter that covers New Puppy Training, Training Your Canine Service Dog and Training Your Dog To Run an Obstacle. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have at least one newsletter.

Before you ask readers to subscribe to your newsletter they need to know what the difference is between the two. You can send both groups your information-packed newsletter and they will love it. Sending promotional emails to your newsletter subscribers is not going to make them happy.

You can actually compare your open rates on your mailing list to see if they are the same as your newsletter open rates. If it’s not very high, send your newsletter to both groups. It’s a good idea to make them happy.