The Ultimate Guide to Giving a Mind-Blowing Lingam Massage

If you’ve ever wondered what an adult massage in London is, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most unique and powerful sexual experiences you can have. But you may be unsure about the right way to perform it. For a complete guideline on how to give yourself a mind-blowing massage, read this article.


The lingam massage is a common way to get a man to enjoy more sexual pleasure. This massage targets the prostate, testicles and penis and is intended to help men relax and concentrate on their pleasure. It is also said to improve potency. A lingam massage can also help men boost their confidence.

The man should be as relaxed as possible while he is receiving a massage. You can do this by gently massaging the penis with your hands, moving back and watching your breath. It’s important to keep an eye on your man’s breathing and to not stop him if he has reached orgasm. You can prolong your partner’s pleasure without having him rush you.

Both hands are required for a lingam massage. One hand covers the penis base, while the other covers the head. The second hand moves in a spiral motion up and down the penis. This gives a man great pleasure and creates a sensual experience. This massage is great for men who want to have sex together.

Lingam massage is an ancient technique that uses ancient Indian teachings. It teaches couples about the male and female principles of attraction. The masculine, or light, penetrates and unites the couple. This energy needs to be let in by the woman, who in turn touches the intimate parts of the man with tenderness and receptivity. This massage creates a new sensation of sexuality and strength in both partners.

A lingam massage may also help couples heal emotionally. It helps couples to reconnect by releasing tensions and balancing the energy flow. It can also help increase intimacy in a relationship. It’s a great way of showing appreciation and connecting with your partner.


Lingam massages can be a fascinating experience. This involves touching the Lingam to tap into its sacred energy. This energy can be guided towards the heart and re-circulated throughout the body. A Lingam massage can also be given to a man’s testicles, which ground the male reproductive system. Men should be careful when touching their testicles. They can be very sensitive.

A Lingam massage can help with ejaculation, which can make sex more pleasurable. It also helps men to explore their sexuality. It can also lead to an erection and open up to different forms of pleasure. Lingam massages can be very relaxing and can help men lose weight. Although Lingam massage may not be for everyone, there are many benefits for both men as well as women.

First, prepare the space for a Lingam Massage. Make sure the room is dim and quiet. The temperature of the room should be a little warmer than normal. Candles can also help to generate the needed heat. Also, be sure to have lubricants ready. These should be in a spill-proof bottle. Plastic bottles are preferable to glass ones.

A Lingam is a Sanskrit word that is associated with the penis. It is also known as the phallus and is often associated with the Hindu god Shiva. It is believed to be a symbol for fertility and the generative power that all creation. It is also common to worship the Lingam in some spiritual traditions.

A Lingam massage can be very effective at overcoming sexual trauma and improving self-image. It helps the recipient develop their sexual intuition. It can also help them read body language better. It can strengthen the bonds between couples and foster mutual empathy.


Mind Blowing Lingam massage, an ancient form massage, engages all five senses and builds intimacy. To get the most from the experience, the massage therapist must create a calming and serene environment for the client. This can be achieved by using incense, aromatherapy, and soft lighting. If you are looking for a romantic touch, you may even want to add your personal fragrance to the environment.

The symbol of fertility and the Hindu god Shiva is the lingam. It is usually shaped like the male genitalia and represents the generative force of all creation and fertility. In the 1970s, German massage therapist Andro Andreas Rothe developed the lingam massage. Today, it is commonly used as a private bedroom activity. It promotes intimacy and enhances sex chemistry.

Although it may sound strange, lingam massage is a tantric massage that combines spirituality with sexuality to create an intimate experience. The goal of the lingam massage is to explore the pleasure of sexuality in a meditative state. It can improve your libido, reduce stress and help you explore your sexuality in a safe and healthy way.

This technique should be practiced starting at the base of your lingam and working your way up. Use your palms to press the lingam and try different strokes and pressures. Alternating your hands can create the illusion of length.


A lingam massage can stimulate the erogenous areas of a partner. These areas should be massaged sensually and slowly. Begin by gently massaging the testicles. You can also massage your perineum.

The lingam is the symbol of masculinity and is derived from Sanskrit, the ancient holy language of India. It can be translated as “wall of light”, pillar of light, stick of jade, and lotus sword. In Hinduism, it represents Shiva’s clarity and is revered as an expression of his power. The lingam also represents the fine sword that distinguishes between the real and the false.

Lingam massage has many benefits. It reduces stress and improves intimacy and stamina. It helps men love more and clears emotional blocks. It also helps men reconnect with their true sexuality. A lingam massage can help strengthen your relationship and sexual stamina, regardless of whether you are in a committed or casual relationship.

The lingam also has a spiritual benefit. It enhances a man’s sex life and increases his energy level. This will help him open himself to different types of sexual pleasure. A lingam massage will also help him to relax and experience more intense emotions.