Things to know about Christian funerals

Christians follow the same norms as adherents of other faiths when it comes to burial rites and ceremonies. If you are not Christian and have never attended a funeral service before, it is natural that you would experience some apprehension about taking part in the ceremony. Never fear, though; if you’re ever fortunate enough to be asked to one, we’ll tell you everything about it and what to expect.

How can one get their physical self-ready?

As a Christian, you must believe that you are ‘clean’ to go to heaven. In light of this, it is customary to wash the body of the deceased before the funeral. The casket is then closed once the final rituals of cleaning have been performed. They can also be given a bible if that’s what their family prefers. A funeral director can arrange and carry out all of these tasks.

Where is the burial taking place?

Christian funerals in Singapore are typically held on the void decks of HDBs, just as Buddhist funerals. The funeral service could also take place indoors, either at a church or a funeral home, if that is what the family prefers. It is customary to light candles in honor of God and the deceased person before the service begins. Check out Shalom Funerals, which is good at funeral services singapore , if you want to give the best send-off to your loved one.

How long does this service last?

A Christian burial service will normally last two or three days. Funeral services typically last one hour, so plan accordingly. During the ceremony, the congregation gathers to pray, listen to a sermon, and sing hymns in the hopes that the rituals may provide some solace to the mourners.

What exactly happens during the service?

You may notice some subtle distinctions between the Christian funerals you’ve attended, but in general, funerals in the Christian faith follow a similar pattern. A priest or minister will normally gather the congregation for this event and preach to them on the Christian view of death and the afterlife. There will next be a time of readings from the Bible and singing hymns in memory of the one who has passed. Members of the deceased’s family and circle of friends are welcome to provide eulogies at the funeral service.

The priest will provide final remarks at the funeral on the final day. The family will meet one last time before the body is sent to the cemetery or Crematory, depending on the wishes of the deceased.